HD-SDI Coax Extender

Varekode: SDI06
HD-SDI Coax Extender 300M ( package include TX+RX/ with two power adapters)

SDI06 designed is to extend the HD-SDI signal up to 300M by using 75Ω coax RG6U cable. The special feature is resolve the HD-SDI request high quality high bandwidth coax cable issue and allow to using existing old RG59 coax cable to send HD-SDI signal up to 125M when you updated the analog camera with HD-SDI Digital system.

It can offer real-time and un-compressed broadcasting video quality, up to 1080p resolution and comply with SMTPE 292 , in additional, This can be used in application fields which the camera side not easy to have local power. Such as HD CCTV, machine vision, medical/equipment inspection..etc.
kr 3 700,00



Extend HD SDI signal over 75Ω coax cable up to 300M Max. (RG6U -Belden). Easy to replace analog system to HD-SDI over existing coaxial cable. Resolve the coax cable sensitive issue. Compact size for easy installation. Support HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M). Support video signal 720p, 1080i, 1080p.



Varekode SDI06
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