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  • UTEPO PoE+ Injector 30W

    PoE Injector 30W (PoE+ 802.3af/at) Gigabit Les mer
  • Single Port PoE Splitter


    PoE Splitter is compliant with IEEE802.3af standard, which can split data and power from PoE signal. It perfect match camera enclosure and can split Ethernet and power from ethernet cable for these device which can not support PoE. It can work with standard PoE Switch or PSE device, compatible with mid-span and end-span, output 12V/1.1A power by DC terminal, It is widely used in security surveillance and network project.

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  • Utepo 4-Port Industrial Full Gigabit PoE Managed Switch


    4 Ports Full Gigabit PoE Switch
    2 SFP Uplink Porter
    60W PoE på port 1
    30W PoE på port 2-4
    150W Totalt PoE budsjett

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    kr 3 750,00


  • UTEPO PoE+ Injector 60W

    PoE Injector 60W (PoE+ 802.3af/at) Gigabit Les mer
  • Ethernet Extender


    This Ethernet extender consists of one SV-Unit and one IPC-Unit. It can transfer Ethernet signal of IPC-Unit to carrier signal though coaxial cable or network cable and extend to SV-Unit, then transfer carrier signal to Ethernet signal and transmit power synchronously. SV-Unit could use 54V power adapter or PoE power supply, which fully meets the needs of long distance Ethernet signal transmission and power supply. It is widely used in coaxial cable and network cable mixed wiring security surveillance and network rebuilding project.

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  • POE Splitter


    PoE Splitter consisting of one PoE Input Port, one Ethernet port, and one DC Power Output port. PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology allows the existing Ethernet infrastructure to transmit electrical power, along with data,to remote IP endpoints over the Ethernet cables. It fully complies with IEEE802.3 af/at standard, and can work with all IEEE802.3 af/at PoE compliantPSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) or PoE Supplier Adapter. It supports Mode A (endspan) and Mode B (mid-span). The maximum power available at PD is up to 25W and it delivers power up to 100 meters. It features optional 12V DC/24V DC power supply, Gigabit speed support, 6KV Surge Protection,1.5KV circuit isolation, -40℃ ~75℃ Operating Temperature, Industrial chip, and aluminum shell.

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  • Utepo 4 Ports Full Gigabit PoE Switch


    4 Ports Full Gigabit PoE Switch

    Kan drives av PoE på uplink-port og gi strøm videre til 4 kamera.

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