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Varekode: VTO2000A-K
The Dahua VTO2000A-K is a keyboard module for use in the modular IP intercom system. The flexible modular IP video intercom system can choose a combination of two or three separate modules. The VTO2000A-C camera module must always be used, and can be combined with a keypad module, a card reader module and / or a 3-button module. A complete modular IP video intercom system further comprises one or more ordered separately indoor monitor (s) and a special Dahua PoE switch (VTNS1060A).
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Most important features

  • Door unlock code
  • Management of codes via web interface
  • Dialing the numbers
  • Stainless steel splash-proof (IP54) and vandal resistant
  • Open door remotely monitor or app
  • Flexible modular system
  • Calls to the group and management center
  • Surface-mounted or recessed
  • Leaving video and audio message by visitors as possible
  • Power supply and signal on one network
  • P2P connection so no port forwarding required



Varekode VTO2000A-K
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